13 April 2006

Jewish National Fund
Head Office
1 KK"L St.
Jerusalem 91002

Re: Posting signs designating Palestinian sites in the country

Dear Sirs,

On behalf of Zochrot I congratulate you on the posting of new signs at Canada Park designating the existence of the Palestinian villages Yalu and Imwas, on which remains the park was built. This action represents an important step toward public recognition of the Palestinian life in the country in which we live and in advancing the shared existence of all residents of this land.

In continuation of this, Zochrot would like to propose acting in a similar fashion at every site for which the JNF is responsible and to post signs designating the Palestinian communities and sites that exited there until 1948. Zochrot will be happy to assist on the research side of the signposting. With the knowledge and connections that Zochrot has accumulated over the years, we will be able to locate the relevant sites, recover important details regarding the communities that existed there, and discern the whereabouts of the refugees and their history since 1948.

With the hope for continued productive cooperation,

Eitan Bronstein

Director, Zochrot