A ceremony marking Nakba Day is planned for tomorrow, outside the fence of Tel Aviv University.
Such a ceremony is not just a matter for Palestinians.
The disaster that took place here was a disaster for those who did not wish to surrender to the intoxication of military logic and the violence it entailed - and they were the majority.
Regarding tomorrow's ceremony, we should note that even a serious study of the Nakba and the civil disaster accompanied the destruction of the obvious existence-together of Arabs and Jews until the founding of the State of Israel, even the little that is addressed regarding the disaster of such magnitude - is outside the fence.
Has not the time come to produce civil statistics in the study of 1948? Has not the moment come for us to know how many naissant doctoral theses have been blocked, mostly even before sprouing, when arab students - but also Jews - wanted to research the Nakba? Has not the time come to count how many serious Nakba scholars among the citizens of Israel are forced to pursue their research outside Israel's borders? Has not the moment come to ask university directors why have resources not been allotted to Nakba research before the Nakba law authoritzes them not to finance security at a memorial ceremony? Has not the time come for us to know how many doctoral theses with a truly civil perspective of 1948 have actually been written between the walls of Israeli universities? Is it not time to ask why the State's hegemonic conception that in 1948 a war took place here that ended in the founding of a state - why this idea has not been contested within academia? Does what we already know not suffice to realize that most of the violence in 1948 was constituent violence that enabled the Jewish demography for founding the State of Israel?