Mirror Image

A short film: Israel, 11min, 2013


Jewish Israeli grandparents are challenged by their grandchild to compose an agreed-upon version of the untold story of a large crystal mirror, taken from the Palestinian village of Zarnuqa during the Nakba - the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by the new Israeli state in the 1948 war. An intimate discussion that reflects on the presence of the Nakba in the lives of Jewish Israelis and addresses its silenced remnants, located at the very center of our lives. 

The film was produced for 48 mm - The International Film Festival on Nakba and Return, and screened as part of the festival at Tel Aviv, Israel on November 2013 

About Mirror Image
“This beautiful short film is really wonderful. Structured like a tale, powerful and fascinating" (Elias Khouri) 

“A wonderful movie; excellent, stunning, moving and very-very smart. Wow, what a beauty” (Avi Mograbi)

“A real gem. So simple and sophisticated; moving, captivating and heartbreaking" (Anton Shammas)

 “Schwartz is of a new generation of Israeli Jews who challenge the dominant Zionist narrative by pressing her own grandparents for a more honest version of their story” (Benjamin Doherty. Read the full article at electronicintifada.net

A film by Danielle Schwartz

Cinematographer: Emmanuelle Mayer 

Edititor: Thalia Hoffman

Project Consultant: Netta Barkai Stern 


Mirror Image can be viewed on-line via a secure screener


For the password, and for screenings, questions or suggestions, please contact Danielle Schwartz at   Danielleschwartz123@gmail.com 

Official selection : Palm Springs International ShortFest 2014

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