Dear friends and Supporters,

As the year draws to a close, we want to share with you all some reflections on the challenges that the current moment presents and the unwavering spirit of the Palestinian people. At Zochrot, we take inspiration from Palestinians and our commitment to shedding light on the Nakba's enduring legacy remains steadfast. Yet, today, we find ourselves confronting the painful reality of witnessing these historic injustices recurring before our eyes on an even larger scale than in 1948..

Today, we declare to everyone: None of us can avert our gaze any longer, nor can we plead ignorance and evade our responsibility.

We can no longer turn away or feign ignorance. The Nakba's unfolding atrocities demand our attention, accountability, and action. To stand idly by is to be complicit. Our hearts ache knowing that this holiday season, just as in 1948 and in 2008, and everyday, an ethnic cleansing, mass killing and forced displacement are underway. As the year ends, Palestinians continue to face immense hardships, especially those in Gaza.

In Gaza, a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions persists. Palestinians endure a relentless onslaught, —starvation, bombings, and the tragic loss of innocent lives. Amidst the aftermath of the surprise attack on October 7th, many Israelis, enveloped in their own grief and concerns, have been swayed by the belief that 'there are no innocents in Gaza. However, it's crucial not to let our sorrow overshadow the gravity of such assertions—a perilous rationale that seeks to justify nothing short of genocide.

It is inspiring to see millions across the world standing in solidarity, united in denouncing these injustices. However, it's disheartening to witness governments aligning with oppressive forces, censoring our voices and violating human rights.

Amid these challenges, our resolve remains unshaken. We adamantly call for a just future and the return of Palestinian refugees, the only equitable solution for the indigenous people of this land and everyone else who live here. Our commitment to truth and justice transcends attempts to silence or suppress our cause. 

The coming year beckons us all to stand with Palestinians, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights and taking action to change their reality. Together, as advocates for justice and redress, we can effect change and challenge oppressive systems. The plight of Gaza and the right of refugees to return demand our unwavering support and commitment.

Our New Year resolution echoes this sentiment: envisioning a world where Palestinians in Gaza can reclaim their right to return, where barriers dissolve through acknowledgment, justice, and a commitment to peace—not through force or displacement. Imagine a land where everyone between the river and the sea can be safe and free of oppression. Imagine a future of return: return of refugees to their lands, return to justice, return to each other.

As we bid farewell to this turbulent year, rest assured, Zochrot and its community will persist in exposing historical truths and advocating for responsibility. We will continue to provide a platform for those refusing complicity, amplifying voices that demand justice and envision just solutions. We remain dedicated to educating and sharing information and analysis, striving to offer clarity to truth seekers and to dispel the veiled  deception woven by the states’ falsehoods. 

We extend our deepest gratitude for your unyielding support and solidarity with Palestine. May the coming year herald greater justice, freedom, and dignity for all Palestinians.

Things can be different, and they must be different. Only by recognizing that no one is safe until all are safe, and by prioritizing the right of return, can a just and lasting solution be achieved.

With gratitude, and despite everything, we wholeheartedly wish everyone a better year ahead.

Zochrot Team