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Zochrot Opened My Eyes Author: Ami Asher
We are proud to share with you on this day, the Day of the Right to Truth which falls on March 24 every year, the words of Ami Asher on the importance of Zochrot's work to tell the truth to the Israeli and Jewish public and recognition of past injustices as a first and necessary step towards taking responsibility for a just future.
The Jaffa Slope Park Author: Margot Pagot and Francesca Atzas
The "Slope Park" which was established about a decade ago in the Ajami neighborhood of Yafa is rather an unsual case in which the authorities themselves left a memory for the Nakba of the Palestinian residents of Yafa in the design of the park. In Fact, the symbolic memory has almost disappeared in the design of the park and the colorful tiles incorporated in its squares, taken from the ruins of destroyed houses, look more like an orientalist decorative element than a monument to the tens of thousands of expelled Yafa residents. Not only in design but also in use, instead of meeting the needs of the residents, the park only deepens the gentrification and repression of the Palestinian families in Ajami. Read the full article about the establishment of the park and its meaning, by Margot Pagot and Francesca Atzas who researched the place as part of their internship at "Zochrot".  
COVID-19 in times of settler colonialism. Author: Osama Tanous, Pediatrician and a student of public health