Ralph bauman

2016, Sep

Hearsay testimony of a Jewish fighter in 1948
Reported by Jean  Bauman to Zochrot, September 2016

Name of fighter: Ralph Bauman. Born in the US, Bauman immigrated to Palestine in 1947. He lived in Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch (Al-Sanbarriya) died in 1980.
Depopulated area: Villages along the border with Lebanon

Jean Bauman: Ralph [her brother in law] told us about his involvement in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian villages along the border with Lebanon:

We went from house to house and we forced them all to get out and march barefoot across the border with Lebanon. They were barefoot – they had no time to wear their shoes or take family belongings. Whoever returned later to try to take his family’s belongings was referred to as an “infiltrator” and shot on the spot.