On Tuesday, 10.5.2011, we organized an educational commemorative event in the village of Miska. More than one hundred people participated – old and young, men and women, Arabs, Jews and people from abroad. About half of them were refugees from the village. The old men and women described their life in the village prior to the Nakba, on the expulsion and their determination to return to their village and their land.  Eitan Bronstein, from Zochrot, and Rabbi Eliahu Kaufman were among the speakers. The event was organized jointly by Zochrot and the second generation of refugees, whose representative welcomed the participants to her village and stressed that her generation will continue to maintain its connection with the village and demand to return to it. We distributed to participants the booklet, “Remembering Miska,” which we had published in 2009 to commemorate the village.

Following the event in Miska, about fifty people representing Zochrot continued north and joined the countrywide March of Return that had been organized by the Committee of Internally Displaced Palestinians. The procession was held this year in the destroyed Galilee villages of Al-Damun and Al-Ruways, and thousands participated. All the speakers referred to the Nakba Law which the Knesset had recently passed, prohibiting the use of public funds to commemorate the Nakba. They called it an attempt to frighten and threaten Palestinians in Israel wishing to commemorate the Nakba. The Committee of the Uprooted had also invited Jewish organizations and activists who support the right of return. Eitan Bronstein, from Zochrot, spoke to the thousands of demonstrators, emphasizing that the return of Palestinian refugees is necessary for reconciliation, and that Israelis’ acknowledgement of the Nakba and the right of return will make it possible for them to live in the country as citizens rather than as conquerors. The event lasted three hours, including the procession, speeches and performances. There were also arts workshops and exhibits about the Nakba and the demolished villages. Zochrot distributed the booklet, “Remembering Al-Damun,” which was published in connection with the 2009 tour of the village.

Umar al-Ghubari

Miska 2011 Nakba Day, Safiyya Sbubayta

Miska 2011 Nakba Day, booklet

Procession of Return 2011 Nakba Day

Procession of Return 2011 Nakba Day