Join our first tour to the destroyed Palestinian village of al-Khalasa in the Naqab\ Negev, which existed until its occupation and depopulation in 1948.

We will tour the remains of the destroyed village, and study its history and erasure by the State of Israel.

Meeting point: At the parking of the Golda park, road 222, in the lands of the neighboring destroyed Palestinian village of ‘Asluj, at 12:00.

We will begin at ‘Asluj with introduction to the Nakba, particularly in Beer Shiva district.  

From ‘Asluj we will travel together on a Zochrot bus for about 15 minutes, and get off at the entrance of al-Khalasa.

From there we will start the walking tour among the remains of al-Khalasa.

The route with a medium level of difficulty, within a natural area, is not accessible to those who have difficulty walking or to strollers.

Make sure you carry enough water. Wear suitable shoes and take an umbrella if necessary.

Your guide will be Khalil al-‘Umur, a graduate of “Change Agents for Spatial and Historical Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Context, Guiding Tours on Nakba” Course  – a collaboration between Zochrot and the School for Peace – Wahat al-Salam-Neve Shalom. The guides have created the tour based on their research of the sites, as part of their course studies.

Khalil himself is a resident of the “Unrecognized village” of al-Sirra in the Naqab.

The guidance will be in Hebrew. Arabic and English interpretation will be provided as required.

Transportation will leave from 1 HaThiya St., in front of Bloomfield (al-Bassa) Stadium, Gate 12, in Jaffa, at 10:00.

To participate and book the transportation, please register here.

For further information, please contact or call Umar al-Ghubari at 052-8743099.

We will appreciate your participation in the tour’s expenses. Recommended payment for Zochrot: NIS 50 or as much as you can afford. You may pay in the form of a donation on our website.

Join our community: Donate monthly to Zochrot so we can extend our activism, continue to challenge the discourse and promote political and cultural transformation for a more just future.

You navigate your way to al-Khalasa and the other Destroyed Palestinian villages, which have been erased from maps and space, using Zochrot’s iReturn upgraded application, a digital tool that not only enables locating depopulated and erased Palestinian localities, but also helps imagine returning to them. The application retains the location of the village as appearing in pre-Nakba maps of Palestine, provides information about it, and guides visitors to it. It also enables every user to add information, texts and images, and share experiences of uprooting, return and participation in the process of political change.

See you on Saturday | February 4th, 2023 | 12:00-14:30

Zochrot and the School of Peace