A tour of Lifta and a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah (al-Shaykh Jarrah)

Friday | March 3, 2023 | Lifta - 11:00-13:30 & Al-Shaykh Jarrah- 15:00-17:00

You are invited to join us in a combined action in Jerusalem, to counter the ongoing Nakba.

 A study tour about the Nakba in Lifta 11:00 - 13:30. Lifta was one of the largest Palestinian villages in the Jerusalem area until 1948. We will learn about its occupation, its ethnic cleansing, and the Judaization of the place by the State of Israel. We will start at the upper Lifta parking on Neftoakh St. and finish at the northern edge of the village. We will walk among the ruins of the depopulated village, and stop in several locations, including the village center, the spring, and houses whose owners are prevented from reinhabiting.

Meeting point for those arriving independently: Neftoakh St., parking under the pedestrian bridge.

The guidance will be in Hebrew. Arabic and English interpretation will be provided as required.

The route is of medium difficulty, partly paved and partly among ruins. Inaccessible for those with walking difficulties or wheelchairs.

Please take water and wear suitable shoes. There is no bathroom in the village area.

 :15:00-17:00 Joining a demonstration in al-Shaykh Jarrah. We will stand by the Palestinian families threatened by the Israeli government with evacuation, and protest against the state’s policy of ethnic cleansing and Judaization in the neighborhood. Many of the families living in al-Shaykh Jarrah are families of refugees uprooted from their towns and villages in 1948, including West Jerusalem, Haifa, Bisan, Ayn Karim, and Jaffa. The Jordanian government, who was the sovereign in East Jerusalem at the time, housed them in al-Shaykh Jarrah. In 1967, these families were once again occupied by Israel, who now intends to uproot them once more, claiming that they have been housed in Jewish homes. Israel does not offer them to return to their homes in Jaffa, Haifa or West Jerusalem. In that, al-Shaykh Jarrah case is a perfect illustration of the ongoing Nakba. The demonstration is organized by activist groups in Jerusalem towards a renewed court hearing about the evacuation of the Salem family from its home. We will join them in support of the family and neighborhood.

Meeting point for those arriving independently: the public park, corner of Nablus Rd. & Tobler St.


Transportation will leave from Bloomfield (al-Bassa) Stadium, Gate 12, at 10:00. After touring Lifta, the transportation will take us to al-Shaykh Jarrah.

You are welcome to participate in both activities or just one. Those who arrive by transportation and choose to participate in the Lifta tour only will be dropped off near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

To participate and book the transportation, please register here. Please indicate which activity you wish to join and whether you will need transportation.

For further information, please contact tours@zochrot.org or call Umar al-Ghubari at 052-8743099.

We will appreciate your participation in the tour’s expenses. Recommended payment for Zochrot: NIS 50 or as much as you can afford. You may pay in the form of a donation on our website.

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