al-Lajjun | Study tour in the village and joining the annual Palestinian Return March

Tour starts at 13:00

March starts at 14:00

Transportation leaves Tel Aviv at 11:00

The traditional March of Return organized by the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced (ADRID) is held every year on the day the State of Israel marks its establishment (“Independence Day”). This year, the march will take place on Wednesday, April 26, on the lands of the destroyed village of al-Lajjun, 35 km southeast of Haifa.

As in every year, Zochrot joins the march and invites all those supporting the right of return of the Palestinian refugees and displaced persons to join it as a sign of support, identification and demand for immediate realization of the right of return.


The march, starting at 14:00, will be attended by thousands, and will include stalls by various organizations, speeches and performances.

Prior to the march, Zochrot will hold a separate study tour, starting in 13:00. Among the ruins of the village, we will learn about al-Lajjun’s history and the circumstances of its occupation and the expulsion of its 1280 inhabitants in May 1948, and observe the outcomes of Israeli efforts to destroy and erase it over the 75 years since the Nakba.

At the end of the tour we will join the central Return March and participate until its end.

Tour guide: Umar al-Ghubari, Zochrot

The instruction language in the tour is Hebrew, with Arabic interpretation provided as required.

The 2-km walking route is of medium difficulty.

Transportation from Jaffa-Tel Aviv will leave from 1 HaThiya St., in front of Bloomfield (al-Bassa) Stadium, Gate 12, in Jaffa, at 11:00.

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