Languages: Arabic, English, French with Hebrew translation

The film is also translated to Arabic and English

This participatory project seeks to promote open discussion and speculation related to return. Contributors are asked to submit videos which ask Palestinians (whether refugees, internally displaced, or non-displaced) the same set of related questions on return. The intent is provide an opportunity for Palestinians to reflect on aspirations and possible realities of return, and provide a collective forum to share their speculations.

The proposed set of questions is as follows:

What is the name of your family’s original hometown? What do you know about it? What happened to it (in) since 1948 and what is it today?

Can you visualize or imagine your life after return? What would you do at the point when return happens? What would be the effects on the Israeli Jews in Palestine after the return of refugees?

What will happen to the life and home you have now? In what form would you visualize or imagine a coexistence/cohabitation between the Palestinians and Israeli Jews?