"Musawah" channel report on Zochrot "Return Boat" that was held on Saturday, May 14,2016 in Jaffa to commemorate the Nakba and to call for Return implementation

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From Diaspora to Homeland \ Returning to Yaffa by boat and house tour

Tens of thousands of Yaffa’s inhabitants were deported in 1948 on ships heading for Gaza, Beirut, and other Mediterranean ports. The combined tour will illustrate an act of deportation and returning to Yaffa in the opposite direction, an act seeking to turn the journey of refugeehood into one of return. The first part of the tour is a boat trip during which participants will receive explanations about the 1948 deportation and listen to live refugee testimonies, as well as a recorded testimony by the late Shafiq al-Hout, a senior PLO official from Jaffa and the author of Between Homeland and Diaspora: The Voyage Began in Yaffa. The boat trip will be followed by a walking tour of Jaffa houses.