Documentary/54 Min/1997/Israel/Hebrew

During the Nakba in 1948 the residents of the village of Biram were evacuated and received an explicit promise that they would soon be allowed to return to their homes. The village was destroyed and the promise never kept. The saga of Biram has turned the ruins into a pilgrimage site for the villagers and their families. They gather there every Easter to shake hands in the solidarity that guides them, and find solace in the words of the New Testament that one day, “The first will be the last.” Among the refugees are elders in their long white gowns and a younger generation, including actor Yussuf Abu-Varda and Linda Aissa, a probation officer now living in Tel Aviv. 

Director: Maya Barr, Avner Feingulernt
Producer: Maya Barr, Avner Feingulernt
Cinematographer: Valentin Belonogov, Eytan Harris
Editor: Tamar Yaron
Subtitles: English
Film Name in Hebrew: ראשון יהיה אחרון