Zochrot organized a symposium about the right of return of the Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.
Thursday, September 14, 2017 at Khashabi Theater

The symposium is part of Zochrot’s ongoing work of challenging the Israeli discourse on the Nakba and the Palesitnian refugees and internally displaced persons, and promoting the realization of the right of return as a necessary step in righting the wrong and doing justice with the Palestinian people.

The panel discussed the following pints:
• The right of return and its spatial implications in different spheres of life
• Ways of raising the issue of return on the agenda of political parties and the Palestinian leadership
• Strategies for dealing with the Zionist intent to relegate the right of return to oblivion, deny, or revoke it
Before the panel discussion, we will screen two short films about imagining the return to a Palestinian village and rebuilding it. The clips have been produced as part of the Udna (We Have Returned) project promoted jointly by Zochrot, Association for the Defense of the Rights of Internally Displaced Palestinians in Israel (ADRID), Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), Baladna Association for Arab Youth, and Israel Social TV.