Video Language: Hebrew and Arabic.

Social TV report on the Tour (in Hebrew)
Social TV report on the Tour (in English)

Zochrot organized a public tour at the destroyed Palestinian village of Mi'ar and met displaced people fron the village. During the activity the IDPs shared with us the story of the village, its occupation and expulsion in 1948.

Third and fourth generation of the Nakba talked about their vision to Return to their destroyed village.

This tour is part of `Udna - "Our Return" project
`Udna (Our Return) is a political-educational project started in 2012. this is a joint project from the Arab Association for Human Rights, the Association for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced, Baladna - Association for Arab Youth, Zochrot and Social TV.

The aim of the project is to visualize Return to the displaced villages through workshops with youth groups made up of internally displaced young people. These workshops include learning sessions on the Palestinian Nakba, refugees, and life in Palestine before the displacement.