Screening of “Born in Dir Yassin” film followed by a panel on perpetrator testimonies, with:
- Neta Shoshani - film director
- Jessica Nevo - Zochrot
- Efrat Ben Tzur - psychologist
- Ami Asher - researche

Date: December 1, 2017 \ Place: Tel Aviv Cinematheque
Language: Hebrew

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Born in Dir Yassin
Director: Neta Shoshani
Israel, France | 2017 | 63 min | Hebrew

Occupied by Jewish paramilitaries on April 9, 1948, Deir Yassin, has since become synonymous with “massacre”. In 1951, the Israeli government established a mental hospital on its site. The filmmakers unveil not only the secrets of a patient in the hospital but also those of Israel’s founding fathers, who, through memories often contradictory, disclose the controversial Israeli narratives of Deir Yassin.