Testimony by Naima Deeb al-Ali (1936)
Place of birth: al-Tantura
Current residence: Jisr az-Zarqa
Place of Interview: Jisr az-Zarqa
Interviewer: Raneen Jeires - Zochrot
Date of Interview: 6.12.2016
Language: Arabic

In 1946, she moved with her family to the village of Tantura.
In 1948, she was expelled from the village together with its 1730 inhabitants and returned to live in Jisr A-Zarqa.

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The village was occupied on May 22-23, 1948. The Israeli army killed more than 200 men and buried them in communal graves. Many men were transferred to detention camps in Atlit and Netanya. Most of the women, children and old men were expelled to the nearby village of Fureidis.

After about a month, the army entered Fureidis and deported most of the refugees from Tantura to the town of Tulkarm in what became the West Bank.