Forensic Architecture (Goldsmiths University, UK), The popular committee of Al-Araqib and Zochrot The film was presented in the frame of the exhibition "Ground Truth" at Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv 9.8.2018-1.9.2018. See here the details about the exhibition:

The film "Ground Truth" presents an ongoing project that aims to provide historical and juridical evidence on behalf of communities in the illegalised Palestinian Bedouin villages in the northern threshold of the Negev/Naqab desert, Israel. While forced physical displacement and illegalisation render these communities non-existent on maps and aerial imaging, state-led land works and afforestation transform and erase their land and material cultural remains. The project aims to document and collate disparate legal, historical, and material evidence for the continuity of the sedentary presence of the Bedouin population on this land, as well as traces of their repeated displacement and destruction by government forces.

English (He and Ar subtitiles), 19.35

Photographs by Yotam Ronen (ActiveStills), Alina Schmuch, and Jan Kiesswetter; Processing, Video, Research and Editing: Ariel Caine (Forensic Architecture)