During 2018, a group of Israelis took part in a learning workshop about the return of Palestinian refugees. This workshop is part of Zochrot’s activity to promote the discourse on the realization of return and the understanding of its spatial implications. The workshop focused on the Zochrot area, and included tours among the ruins of the Palestinian villages of Dayr Aban (H. Mahseya), Zakariyya (Zekharia), Bayt Nattif (Netiv HaLamed-Heh), and Bayt Jibrin (Beit Guvrin), where Palestinians used to live until uprooted by the newly established State of Israel in 1948. Many of the Palestinians still live in refugee camps in the Bethlehem area. During the tours, the participants were interviewed, knowing that their statements will be presented publicly. This included refugees who used to live in the villages and their family members.