The Anti-Occupation bloc at The Israeli protest movement 22/4/2023 Zochrot's director Rachel Beitarie Since the extreme right wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu came into power in 2023 and declared judicial reform that will strip away much of the supreme court's power, hundreds of thousands of Israelis go out on the street every week to protest the proposed legislature and to "protect democracy". Most protesters mean "democracy" for Jews only but within the protests in various cities anti-occupation blocs were formed chanting the slogans "No democracy with occupation" and "Democracy to all, from the river to the sea". The anti-occupation protesters agree with the others regarding the threat of judicial overhaul but rather than calling for a return to a status quo, they are pushing to use this political moment to end the oppression of the Palestinian people and to bring true democracy. This speech was given to the anti-occupation bloc in Tel Aviv on April 22, 2023, a few days before Israeli independence day.