District: Bir-a-Saba (Beer Sheva)

Population 1948: 50

Occupation date: 17/12/1947

Jewish settlements on village/town land before 1948: None

Jewish settlements on village/town land after 1948: None


The village was 23 km northeast of Beersheba and stood in the midst of bare mounds, overlooking wide expanses of land on all side exceptthe south. It was on the confluence of the wadis of al-'Awsaja and al-Khalasa.

The village probably came under Israeli conrol fairly early in the war. The commander of the Negev Brigade, Nachum Sarig, is quoted in the History of  the Haganah as saying after the war that, "by May 15, the entire Negev was under complete Hebrew control." But there is a possibility that, like Beersheba, it held out as late as October 1948, until Operation Yoav.

There are no Israeli settlement on village lands. The area is used for military training.
Some of the village houses are still standing but are deserted and partially destroyed. To the west of the village is a well that is still functional, with a round mouth and a metal ladder. A large house with a rectangular outlineand eight rooms stands several meters away, to the west of the well. Behind it one can see the rubble of ten destroyed houses. Remnants of the cemetery are also visible in the northern part of the site. Next to the cemetery there is an archeological dig and some bulldozed village houses. About fifteen houses, half destroyed, are located in the southern and western side of the site.




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