District: Jaffa

Population 1948: 420

Occupying unit: Irgun (Etzel) & Hagana units

Jewish settlements on village/town land before 1948: None

Jewish settlements on village/town land after 1948: None


The village was situated on the central coastal plain, 1.5 km north of the al-'Awja River, and 16 km northeast of Jaffa. It was about 1 km east of a highway keading to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and neighboring villages.

It is difficult to dtermine when the villagers were displaced, but the village was probably occupied relatively early, in the first weeks of 1948. Located in an area of heavy Zionist settlement northeast of Tel Aviv, the village would have been within easy reach of a Haganah or Irgun strike. In the period between late December 1947 and late March 1948, a significant number of villages in this area were emptied, generally as a result of direct attacks.

The settlement of Newe Yaraq was established in 1951, partly on village lands and partly on the lands of Jaljuliya.

The site is very difficult to identify. Some of the villas still stand, deserted, amidst wild vegetation. One of them belonged to Hashim al-Jayyusi, who later became a Jordanian cabinet minister. It is a two-storey, concrete structure with rectangular doors and windows and a stairway in front that leads to the second storey. The other villas have been reduced to rubble. The land in the area is cultivated.




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