We are a part of a generation breaking free from dated notions  of Jewish and white supremacy, learning that true peace can only be achieved through mechanisms of justice. We call for acknowledgement and responsibility for the crimes of 1948, support for the right of return and a commitment to building a just society for all in Palestine.   Read More

A Virtual Study Tour of the Ongoing Nakba

From Jaffa 1948 to Gaza 2024


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In defiance of all efforts to silence and conceal historical facts, against deliberate ignorance and trampling on hope - there is an opportunity to support an organization that not only gathers information and makes it accessible, but encourages and trains us all to open our eyes and hearts, re-examine what we know about ourselves, our history and the country, asking tough questions, dealing with painful answers and working for an equal and just future.

After Oct 7, many Israelis, enveloped in their own grief have been swayed by the belief that 'there are no innocents #Gaza . However, it's crucial not to let our sorrow overshadow the gravity of such assertions—a perilous rationale that seeks to justify nothing short of genocide. Read our end year message  https://rb.gy/9z042u      


Join our efforts in exposing the truth about the ongoing Nakba and in promoting acknowledgement and responsibility for the injustices of the Nakba, support for the right of return and a commitment to building a just society for all in Palestine.