The Nakba comes up again and again in the news of the day in Israel, mostly regarding attempts to restrict or punish those who seek to remember the Nakba on Israel's Independence Day, to teach the Nakba in schools, or to learn and commemorate the Nakba in Israel.

In this discussion, many questions are overlooked. For example: What is the Nakba? Does recognizing the Nakba mean relinquishing the rights of Jews? What is the relationship between the Nakba and current struggles in al-Arakib, Sheikh Jarrah, Jaffa or Lod? How can learning the Nakba create a space for hope and mutual existence for Jews and Arabs?

To examine these and other questions, Zochrot offers workshops to organizations, group facilitator teams, teachers, and other groups. The content of the workshop is planned together with the inviting groups, based on Zochrot's Study Guide, "How Do We Say Nakba in Hebrew?" A single session or series of workshops can be tailored to the group.

To plan a workshop, or for more information, please contact:
Amaya Galili :

Tel. 03-695-3155

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