Between 1-3 December 2016, Zochrot will hold its 4rd International Film Festival in Cinematheque Tel Aviv and Al-Saraya Theatre, Jaffa. Together with premieres and special screenings of International films, the festival will include original productions especially made for the event by local filmmakers.

The festival takes place around November 29, marking the 67th anniversary of the 1947 UN Resolution on the Partition of Palestine. This Plan fixated the idea of partition and separation between Jews and Palestinians in historical Palestine and was a key milestone in the ongoing conflict and the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. The Festival seeks to find creative ways to reconstruct the conditions that formed this division and to envision a new future for the inhabitants of this land.

For more details, please contact The Festival's artstic director, Yael Messer: or by Tel: 03-6953155

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