Last Saturday, May 16 2009, Nakba Day was commemorated at Tel Aviv in a tour organized by Zochrot to destroyed Palestinian villages around Tel-Aviv. While celebrating 100 years to its foundation as a Jaffa neighborhood, Tel Aviv forgets the Palestinian localities that existed before the establishment of "Ahuzat Bait" and until the Nakba. The Palestinian localities of Manshiyyah, Abu Kabir, Salame, Jamasin al Gharbi, Sumayl, Shaykh Muwanis and other places were evacuated and repopulated by Jews. Zochrot returned these localities to a new Tel Aviv map that was distributed at the tour. It began at Manshiyyah next to Palestinian house, one of its last remains, that Jewish conquerors from the Irgun turned into a museum. Needless to say that at the museum nothing is said about the house and its Palestinian owners. At the event for Nakba commemoration day, the house was awarded a better sign: Remembering (Zochrot) The Nakba.

Abed Satel from Jaffa and Abu Kabir told the history of the expulsion from Jaffa since 1948 until today. The tour continued to Shaykh Morad cemetery at Kibutz Galuyot street. Ali Yatim told about the destruction of the Arab cemeteries in the area. The destruction of graves is clear and infuriating. At Kfar Shalem the tour gathered at the boys school of Salame. Ali Yatim, second generation to the Nakba of Salame, told its family history. Effi Banai, born at Kfar Shalem, told that as a child he played at the mosque of Salame, knowing nothing of its Palestinian history. In central Tel Aviv, gatherers visited Sumayl and heard the story of Darwish Tzarafi who was born there and forced to leave. The tour continue north and passed by Jamasin al Gharbi where the "YOU Towers" were built on its lands. At Shaykh Muwanis the tour stopped at the Mukhtar Abu Kheil house. Tel Aviv University turned it into its staff club and it is known as the Green House. Majdulin Beidas told about her family from the village and the cemetery where her dear ones are buried. Whenever she visits the place, security guards of the instalation next to it force her out. The tour ended up at the cemetery at Gan Haatzmaut (The Independence Garden) by the sea next to Hilton hotel. Alon Hilu read a piece from his novel "La Maison Dajani" which takes place at that cemetery.