Rachel Beitarie, Director
LLB (Tel Aviv university) Feminist political activist. Co-founder of PSee, an independent feminist media organization. Worked as media coordinator at Gisha - Legal center for freedom of movement.  Worked as a journalist before that, for several news organizations. Covered Human Rights, political and social issues in China as a Beijing based reporter. Lives in Jaffa.  

Liat Rosenberg, Resource Development Coordinator
Political feminist activist, was for many years a volunteer and member of the board of directors of the Tel Aviv Rape crisis Center, was formerly the director of Zochrot and also served in management positions in various non-profit organizations.

Yaara Benger AlalufPolitical Education Coordinator
Yaara is a feminist political activist who was involved in several initiatives against inequality and racism in Israel and in Germany. She holds a PhD in History from The Free University of Berlin. Yaara was born in Costa Rica and currently lives in Jaffa.


Umar al-Ghubari, Landscape & Space
Umar is a professional group facilitator, specializing in the Arab-Jewish conflict. He is also a coordinator in the Karev educational program. Prior to joining Zochrot in 2006 he was the coordinator of Youth Activities at the School for Peace at Neve Shalom/Wa’hat al-Salaam. Umar received his B.A. in Middle Eastern studies, Arabic literature, and group facilitation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was born in Mshierfeh (near Umm al Fahm) and currently resides with his family in Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salaam.

Najwan Berekdar, Media & Testimonies
Najwan earned her Psychology Degree from the University of Haifa. During her time at the University Najwan joined Baldana Association for Arab Youth where she became actively engaged in Politics, initiating and participating in many political campaigns. After her graduation, Najwan pursued her passion for Debate and now has over 10 years of experience in debate and advocacy. She is specialized in the MENA region and has worked for more than 6 years in developing Debate in the Arab world with a number of International organizations focusing on conflict and post conflict countries and Human Rights motions. Currently, Najwan works as a senior debate consultant along with her work at Zochrot. She was born and raised in Nazareth and currently resides in Jerusalem.

Board of Directors
Munir Nuseibah
Tom Pessah
Aya Zinati
Maysoon Badawi
Niva Greentwsig
Haneen Eghbaria

Oversight Committee
Roi Zilberberg
Arnon Ben Yair