In this, the second part of the course, we will be using theoretical tools to analyze and understand the emotionally charged political encounter embodied in the title, with emphasis on the personal, family and community spheres. The course sessions will introduce the participants to psychological and psychoanalytical concepts and ideas related to violence, oppression and power relations, as well as to critical theories which refer to the mental and cognitive aspects of control, colonial identity and transformations involved in decolonization processes. These theories will be connected to sociocultural phenomena from the participants’ world and their abstract insights applied to personal experiences.

The course will be held in Hebrew.

The course mediator, Efrat Even-Tzur, is a psychologist and research student at Tel Aviv University, active in Zochrot and PsychoActive. In both her research work and social activity, she deals with the interfaces between the psychoanalytic and the political and ethical, as well as with the psychology of socially-accepted violence.

The course will be held in Zochrot’s offices, 34 Yitzhak Sade St. Tel Aviv, 4th floor, Room 400
Cost: 350 NIS or according to ability to pay.
For registration and further details, please contact Amaya Galili at, +972-3-6953155 
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