Who are the internally displaced, where have they been displaced from and where do they want to return?
What does the generation of young Palestinian citizens of Israel has to do with the Nakba?
What viable models of return are there?

Social TV and Zochrot are proud to invite you to the fourth night of the series Beyond the Screen.
Together, we will view a series of reports called Udna (We Have Returned) produced by Social TV. The series follows young Palestinians in their attempts to create viable models of return to their village destroyed and depopulated in 1948.

After the screening, we will have a discussion with Umar al-Ghubari, Head of Tours and Planning for Return at Zochrot. We will talk about the return of Palestinian refugees: What does it mean for Palestinian society in sovereign Israel? How is it possible to think of return in the present reality where the concept of return seems so distant and inaccessible? How can Israeli Jews relate to the idea and what can do to promote return?

"Beyond the Screen" is a series of screenings and discussions held by Social TV on different issues. During those meetings, we watch televised reports and clips produced by Social TV and hold discussions with opinion leaders and the audience. 

Social TV is professional independent channel that promotes a social agenda for Israel, mainly by producing and distributing televised reports.
Our fourth night is with Zochrot, an NGO active since 2002 to promote acknowledgement and responsibility by Jewish Israeli society for the Palestinian Nakba and the exercise of the refugees’ right to return.

Zochrot started the Udna project three years ago, together with three NGOs active among Palestinians in Israel: Baladna Arab Youth Association, Arab Association for Human Rights, and the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced in Israel (ADRID). Young Palestinians taking part in the project undergo workshops and learning processes, leading to independent research and the creation of various practical models for returning to their home villages.

* The event will be held on Nov. 1st, 2016 in Anna  Loulou Bar, 2 HaPninim St., Jaffa
Entrance is free!