How decisive was the role of the Ashkenazi elite, the “founding generation”, in the Nakba, and how did Mizrahi Jews take part in the Nakba and ongoing Nakba – in the process of Judaizing the country and occupying the land? What relationships were formed between Mizrahim and Palestinians and why did the similarity between their cultures and identities never bear fruit in the form of significant political alliances? How did Israel take advantage of the immigration wave from the former Soviet Union to create facts on the ground? And can we talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today without touching on ethno-class issues?

These questions and others have preoccupied the research group on the Nakba, Ashkenazim and Mizrahim that took place in Zochrot over the last year, moderated by Tom Mehager. This evening, we will touch on these questions and conduct an open discussion of the issues addressed by the group.

The symposium will be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, at 19:00 in Zochrot: Yitzhak Sade 34, 4th floor, room 400, Tel Aviv.

19:00-19:30 Talk about the working assumptions and main concepts that have guided the research group discussions
19:30-20:30 Group discussions about the research topics
20:30-20:45 Break
20:45-21:30 Summary of group discussions

See here for the original call for participants.

For further details, place contact Michal, Zochrot’s Education Coordinator, at, or at +972-3-6953155