On the 72nd anniversary of the Dayr Yasin massacre, the occupation and depopulation of the village, Zochrot invites you to take part in a virtual memorial event.

Each year, Zochrot has been holding a memorial tour on the lands of Dayr Yasin. Most of the village homes have been demolished by the State of Israel, to make room for the establishment of the Jewish Yefe Nof neighborhood and the expansion of other neighborhoods such as Givat Shaul. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it would be impossible to meet physically in the village and hold a tour. Therefore, this time the tour will be held in cyberspace, using the Zoom software.

Zochrot believes its tradition of commemorating the Nakba, and particularly the Dayr Yasin massacre memorial must be maintained, even under these conditions. We must use new channels under the situation forced upon humanity to convey information about the crimes of the Nakba and call for justice with the Palestinian people – one that is based on acknowledging the Nakba, righting the wrongs, and implementing the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

The Nakba is still ongoing. Unfortunately, the State of Israel is even taking advantage of the atmosphere of fear to continue pursuing its racist, colonialist and violent policies against the Palestinians. In the face of this policy, we must act persistently to reveal the denied truth and the injustice ongoing since 1948.

In the virtual meeting on Thursday, April 9, we will share a presentation of photos and texts, talk about the history of Dayr Yasin, on the attack on the village, the massacre and expulsion. We will describe the present condition of the village and show some of its ruins, extant private homes, the school and the cemetery. We will also discuss the fact that right in the center of Dayr Yasin, within Palestinian houses still standing, Israel established the Kfar Shaul psychiatric hospital.

Duration: 40 min.

April 10, 2020

11:00, Dayr Yasin time

In order to join, please click on this link (having downloaded Zoom)


 For questions, please email us at tours@zochrot.org

or call Umar al- Ghubari 0528743099