The Fall of Lydda, 1948: Impressions and Reminiscences
Miracles and Snow in Palestine and Israel: Tantura, a History of 1948
The Warm Sand of the Coast of Tantura
We must never forget the massacre in Deir Yassin
The Jewish State above all?
Testimonies From the Censored Deir Yassin Massacre: 'They Piled Bodies and Burned Them'
‘Barbarism by an educated and cultured people’ — Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
Commemorating 67 years to Dayr Yassin massacre
al-Tantura Naima Deeb al-Ali 06/12/2016
al-Tantura On the Massacre in Tantura 03/03/2024
Kafr 'Inan Hassan Ahmed Mansour 01/09/2009
Dayr Yasin Uri Pinkerfeld, Palmach soldier 23/12/2012
al-Lydd Binyamin Eshet, Palmach soldier 01/07/2012

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