As in every year, Zochrot will hold a memorial ceremony on the 73rd anniversary of the massacre in Dayr Yasin.

In April 9, 1948, Zionist forces took control of the village of Dayr Yasin, west of Jerusalem. What followed was one of the worst massacres during the Nakba. The survivors were expelled, became refugees and are to this day prevented from returning. A Jewish Neighborhoods named Kfar Shaul b. and Yafeh Nof were built on the site of the village.

Join us in remembrance:  the event that will be held on Friday, April 9, 2021 at Dayr Yasin village at 11:30 – 13:30. 

Meeting point: 13 Kanfei Nesharim St. (near Beit HaTeomim), Jerusalem.

The event will include a memorial tour along the main street of Dayr Yasin, today Kanfei Nesharim Street in Givat Shaul neighborhood in Jerusalem; bearing signs with the victims’ names; explanation about the attack and the massacre; observing village remains – private houses, the school and cemetery; and reading names of the victims aloud. The event will end with a ceremonial gathering in favor of the return of the refugees behind what is now the Kfar Shaul Psychiatric Hospital.

The instruction will be in Hebrew. English and Arabic translation will be available.

The one-mile walk is not difficult.

Guide: Umar Al-Ghubari (Zochrot)

The transport from Tel Aviv will wait you at Lewinsky Garden, Ha Gdud Ha Ivri St., at 10:15.