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The 3rd International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees
From: 21-22/03/2016

**Cracks in Zionism? The Implications of Return for Zionist Ideology and Practice**

Chair: Elisha Baskin – Archival researcher and Zochrot activist

  • Bi-Nationalism in a Nation-State? The Demand for Refugee Return and Criticism of the Nation State in the Writings of Rabbi Binyamin in the Journal "Ner" / Avi-ram Tzoreff – Doctoral student of Jewish history, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Embracing the Fear: Jewishness That Celebrates Cultural Autonomy Instead of Territorial Sovereignty / Jewdas – Radical voices for the alternative diaspora: Nimrod Evron & Tali Janner-Klausner
  • From Banning the Nakba to Bridging Narrative: Law and Collective Memory of 1948 / Jeremie Bracka - Australian/Israeli human rights lawyer, PhD Candidate at Monash University and Visiting Scholar at Tel Aviv University
  • The key for living together: To each his share / Shuli Dichter – The author of On Tensions and Good Intentions


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Since the beginning of the Nakba in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have lost home and homeland due to the ongoing violence of the State of Israel and Zionist militias against civilian populations. To this day, most Palestinians are refugees dispersed in various locations worldwide, many of them victims of a second and even third displacement.
For 68 years, Israel has consistently prevented the Palestinian refugees from returning.
Zochrot works to promote recognition and responsibility-taking by Jewish Israeli society for its part in the ongoing Nakba and realize the return of Palestinian refugees as the necessary redress of the Nakba.

The conference seeks to examine different ways of promoting return today as well as imagine the post-return reality. Its point of departure is recognition of the right of return and its objective is to explore how return will occur in practice, and how it can offer an opportunity for living together in a truly democratic, egalitarian and just regime for all inhabitants of this country. Accordingly, the issues discussed in the conference will focus on the post-return political, cultural, educational, economic and planning realities, as well as on current spaces and activities to promote return in practice.

Zochrot’s activities, including this conference, reach out primarily to Jewish Israeli society in order to promote discussion of return. However, the conference is open to anyone interested in return and contributing to its promotion. 

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