The book, which includes three stories by Natur, leads the reader through unfamiliar paths in this country, weaving together a uniquely human and moving voyage novel. This is a voyage into the Jewish, the Arabic, and what lies between them.

- Opening statement: Debby Farber, Zochrot
- “On the art of translation”: A theatrical tribute to Salman Natur - Yehuda Shenhav-Shaharabani (music: Amin Natur)
- Reflections on “Going with the Wind”: Adi Sorek & AlTayeb Ghanayem
- Excerpts from the book read by Mai Abu-Rukan (Natur’s granddaughter), Yonatan Mendel (the translator)
- Excerpt from the play "Remembering" by Salman Natur, Fares Hanania
- Amin Natur, musical piece in memoriam

Address: Jaffa Theater/Al-Saraya, 10 Mifratz Shlomo St. Jaffa
Event Language: Hebrew