Khirbat ‘Iribbin


District: Akka (Acre)

Population 1948: 418

Occupation date: 01/10/1948

Jewish settlements on village/town land before 1948: None

Jewish settlements on village/town land after 1948: None


The village stood high on the north bank of Wadi Karkar. It overlooked the Lebanese border, about 1 km to the north of the site, and the Mediterranean to the west, where the gulf of Haifa was visible. It was located 23 km northeast of Acre.

The village was located within a large pocket in the Upper Galilee that remained unoccupied until after the second truce of the war. After that truce, at the end of October 1948, Israeli forces launched Operation Hiram to conquer this large area. There is no precise information about Khirbat 'Irribin, but it was almost certainly occupied by 31 October. However, its population may not have been expelled until November, along with the residents of nearby Iqrit.

The settlement of Adamit, founded in 1958, is on village land to the west of the village site. Goren, founded in 1950, close to the village lands, is south of the village site.