'Arab al-Nufay'at


District: Haifa

Population 1948: 950

Occupation date: 01/04/1948

Jewish settlements on village/town land before 1948: Mikhmoret

Jewish settlements on village/town land after 1948: Giv'at Olga (Hadera)


'Arab al-Nufay'at Before 1948
The village was situated 45 km from Haifa on flat terrain on the southwestern tip of its district, with its northern border 2.5 km south of Wadi al-Mafjar, and its southern one about 1 km north of Wadi al-Iskandaruna. There were two birkas (ponds) in the village, the larger one - Birkat 'Ata - located in the southeast area, and the smaller - Birkat al-Sanakhiyya - was based in the centre.

Most of the houses were built of mud and stone. The main means of livelihood of the villagers were animal husbandry and agriculture, with grain and citrus as the main crops. There were a number of khirbas (historic sites) on the village lands.

Occupation, Depopulation, and Israeli Settlements
On 10 April 1948, the Haganah ordered the villagers to leave, and the village itself was further demolished at the end of April and early May.

The settlement of Mikhmoret was established in 1945 on village lands, south of the site.

The Village Today
Only one house, inhabited by an Arab family, and an old mulberry tree are left of the village of 'Arab al-Nufay'at. A military camp that covers a large area near the site has been established by the Israeli army, while the rest of the surrounding land is planted in melons, wheat, and barley.


Source: al-Khalidi, Walid (ed.). All that remains: the Palestinian villages occupied and depopulated by Israel in 1948. Washington DC: 1992.