On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Dayr Yasin massacre, the occupation of the village and the expulsion of its inhabitants, we invite you to join us in a virtual memorial event.

Every year Zochrot holds a memorial tour in the area of Dayr Yasin, most of whose houses were destroyed by the State of Israel and in their place a Jewish neighborhood was built, the Har Nof neighborhood, and other neighborhoods were expanded, such as the Givat Shaul neighborhood. This year, in the shadow of the murderous attack on Gaza and the hostile atmosphere in the Israeli street, it is not possible to physically meet in the village and hold a tour. Because of this, the tour will take place this time in virtual space through the zoom platform.

We at Zochrot believe that the tradition of commemorating the Palestinian Nakba should be continued, including the Dayr Yasin Massacre Memorial Ceremony, despite the conditions that limit activities in the field, continue to make information about the crimes of the Nakba accessible and call for justice to be done towards the Palestinian people, justice that is based on recognizing the Nakba, correcting injustices and implementing the right to return of the Palestinian refugees.

The reports on the atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza, mass killings, erasing neighborhoods, displacement of citizens, collective and personal humiliation, trampling on human rights and the annihilation of the Palestinian existential space; show that the Nakba continues even these days, right in front of our eyes. In view of this policy, because of which Israel is being sued in the International Court of Justice for committing genocide and war crimes, we must continue, with persistence and determination, to fight and expose the truth and the ongoing injustice since 1948.

In the virtual meeting on Sunday April 7, 2024, we will tell about the history of Dayr Yasin which was attacked on April 9, 1948, we will explain about the occupation, the massacre and the ethnic cleansing, and we will present maps and photos. We will describe the current colonial situation and see some of the remains of the village, such as private houses, a school and a cemetery.

The event will be held in Hebrew with simultaneous English translation.

The meeting will last about an hour and a half.

To join the meeting you must register in advance through this link

For further inquiries, please write to the following address: tours@zochrot.org

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