The Israeli taboo... 55 years on Author: Isabelle Humphries
The Israeli "left" have long been talking and arguing over the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza of 1967. More controversial amongst so-called "peaceniks" is the future of the city of Jerusalem . But the ultimate taboo is to talk about the occupation and dispossession of the Palestinians in 1948.
Israelis join Palestinians for somber anniversary Author: Jonathan Cook
In front of the locked gates of the Kfar Saul psychiatric hospital in the sprawling suburbs of West Jerusalem, Bronstein was trying to unfurl the banner of Zochrot. He was there with 100 demonstrators, drawn from what in Israel is seen as the far left, to commemorate a history most Israelis are never taught in school.
Dayr Yasin massacre, 55 years on Author: Yair Etinger
Dozens of Jews and Arabs yesterday marched around the fence surrounding Jerusalem's Kfar Shaul psychiatric hospital, the site of the Deir Yassin massacre, to commemorate its 55th anniversary.
Palestine Post report on the fighting in Palestine and the occupation of al-Malha Author: Mordecai Chertoff
In a perfectly coordinated three-pronged attack, Israel Defence Army forces and IZL troops conquered Malha village about a mile and a half to the south-west of Jerusalem on Tuesday night.  
Report on Palestine Post on al-Malha Author: Mordecai Chertoff
Palestine post newspaper 20\6\1939 Author: The Palestine Post Newspaper 1939
Report about Haifa explosion in the Arab Market quarter