Game: Refugee vs. Refugee Author: Ahmad Kharouf
Game: Weave a Plot Author: Aman Jaraisey, Eedo Mizrahi
The looted vase 2018 Letter we received in Zochrot 
Vulnerable Domestic Spaces of Lifta Author: Yulia Gilichinskaya
Less than a mile away from the Jerusalem Central Bus station lies the destroyed Palestinian village of Lifta.
Public Apologies in transitional justice processes 2017
Game: Keys Author: Roni Staier
The "Green house" history Author: Mustafa Fatih Yavus
Tel Aviv University made a controversial decision in 1991 to expand its campus over al-Shaykh Muwannis remaining area, which included the Green House.
HISTORICAL RESEARCH SUMMARY: The house in 15 Dustai St. 05/2017 The exhibition Old Qatamon: Live Archive is hosted in a new building erected on the property of an original Palestinian house whose story is interweaved with the story of the neighborhood. The construction of the neighborhood began in the 1920s; it stretches east of St. Simeon Monastery, which probably gave it its name: in Greek, kata tōi monastēriōi means “under the monastery”. After the First World War, the Greek Orthodox Church began selling off properties, including lands around the St. Simeon Monastery, first sold in large blocks to members of the religious community, and then to other communities.