HISTORICAL RESEARCH SUMMARY: The house in Nehorai St. 05/2017
HISTORICAL RESEARCH SUMMARY: The house in 15 Hildesheimer St. 05/2017 The story of the house exhibiting the installation Qatamon: Annotated Map is interweaved with the story of the neighborhood, which begins in the 1920s. The neighborhood stretches east of St. Simeon Monastery, which probably gave it its name: in Greek, kata tōi monastēriōi means “under the monastery”. After the First World War, the Greek Orthodox Church began selling off properties, including lands around the St. Simeon Monastery, first sold in large blocks to members of the religious community, and then to other communities. Although the house on Hildesheimer Street is located in an area now commonly referred to as the German Colony, during the British Mandate period (1918-1948) this was part of Lower Qatamon, stretching between the street now called Kovshei Qatamon (Hebrew for “Conquerors of Qatamon”) and the area now called Valley of Rephaim.  
Letter to Bayt Nattif by Erik Ader Author: Erik Ader
In June 1936, the Dutch Protestant Reverend Bastiaan Jan Ader got on his bike to cycle to the Holy Land, a daring undertaking in those days.
Articles and research on the Zionist/Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Transitional Justice perspective 1477481592 Researchers around the world show interest in the unique aspects of settler colonialism and the relevancy of the transitional Justice paradigm to the Zionist-Palestinian context.
For Arabs, plans for Jaffa's preservation mean expulsion through gentrification Author: Naama Riba
A conservation program to preserve the historic well houses of Jaffa and south Tel Aviv threatens to push Arabs out of the area, argue its critics.
New Growth in Ancestral Lands: Agricultural Development in Palestine, 1880-1948 Author: William Gray Dossett
Perhaps Israel’s most well known national myth claims that, after finding Palestine a desolate wasteland, early Jewish settlers “made the desert bloom.  
The Jewish National Fund as a Colonial Entity Author: The Nakba Files Editors
Adalah — along with the National Committee of Arab Local Authorities, the Arab Center for Alternative Planning, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and Bimkom–Planners for Human Rights — filed a petition before Israel’s Supreme Court on 18 August 2016 challenging the role of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in governing land use in Israel. This important case exposes some of the core issues in the ongoing relationship between the Nakba and the law.
Refugees drew their destroyed villages and cities 2016