Truth Commission Report on the Responsibility of Israeli Society for the Events of 1948-1960 in the South
First Unofficial Truth Commission on the Nakba in Palestine/Israel
יחידה 4: נכבה – שו הדא?
Remembering al-Lydd (Lod)
Toward a Common Archive / Video testimonies of Zionist Fighters in 1948
Overdue Books: Returning Palestine’s “Abandoned Property” of 1948
Response to "Chronicles of a Piece of Jewelry"
Constituent Violence 1947-1950
Kafr 'Inan Hassan Ahmed Mansour 01/09/2009
- Testimony by Amos Ofer 20/01/2016
Dayr Yasin Uri Pinkerfeld, Palmach soldier 23/12/2012
Akka Testimony of Hava Keller 28/03/2006
Yafa (Jaffa) Abed al-Hamid Farran 12/08/2007

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