The Nakba, Then and Now Author: Raja Shehadeh
That an Israeli group like Zochrot should organize a trip to a city where some of the Nakba’s worst atrocities occurred is an important and necessary attempt to bridge this nagging gap in perceptions
A Different Israeli Literature Author: Yonatan Mendel
The two Hebrew books discussed in this article, issued by major, well-known Israeli publishing houses (HaKibbutz HaMeuchad and Am Oved), are also examples of the kind of work that frightens the Israeli Minister of Culture.  They were written in the past two years by authors in their thirties, and though they’re different from one another – in the genre they chose, their experiences, the depth of their analysis of the Israel-Palestine conflict – it’s nevertheless important to read them concurrently.  It’s a way to learn about Israel, Israeli society and the limits of its discourse
Police besiege, arrest activists planning to commemorate Nakba Author: Haggai Matar
Some 15 activists from the organization Zochrot were besieged by police on Wednesday night in the NGO’s offices, in order to prevent them from quietly commemorating the Palestinian Nakba on Israeli Independence Day. Three were arrested for reading aloud names of destroyed villages.
Police arrest 3 at 'Nakba' event 'stand-off' in TA Author: BEN HARTMAN
"Zochrot" organization is prevented from laying posters in Rabin Square showing names of pre-1948 Palestinian villages.
Deir Yassin: The peace that never was 31/03/2012 Two days ago, we visited Deir Yassin, or to be more specific, what remains of Deir Yassin, with Zochrot, an Israeli organization dedicated to educating the Israeli public about the nakba. The tour was organized in commemoration of the Deir Yassin massacre.
A Roundabout Named Dajani Author: RAJA SHEHADEH
JAFFA, ISRAEL — Moments of hope are rare in this miserable, interminable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so archaic in its colonial character, so postmodern in the methods Israel uses to oppress the Palestinians living under its rule.
Breaking the Silence – Palmach Version Author: Yishai Friedman
World bodies must act now to save Lifta Author: Antoine Raffoul
Earlier this year, the group 1948 Lest We Forget filed an application to the World Monuments Fund (WMF) to include the Palestinian village of Lifta in its 2012 World Monuments Watch List.