Toward a Common Archive: Reframing the Roots of Palestine and Israel Author: Linda Kinstler
Binyamin Eshet shifts uneasily in his chair, averting his eyes from the camera. His interviewer has just asked him to recall the events of the Dahmash Mosque massacre in the Palestinian village of Lydda (now Lod), one of the bloodiest events of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Eshet witnessed the massacre when he was 21 years old and serving in the Palmach, a special strike force of the Israeli military. 
The Right and The Return Author: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
The "academic study" about the Palmachniks has turned out to be an exhibition against "Zionist fighter" Author: Ishay Fridman
There are moments in history when it is appropriate to hide a small truth in order to expose a bigger one. Crimes against humanity committed by nations and individuals must see the light as part of the struggle against their recurrence. This is true of all the various Nakba crimes
Searching for the lost Palestinian villages Author: Moshe Gilad (also photos)
I’d been there dozens of times in the past. I never noticed the Sheikh’s Tomb standing on the manicured lawn. I didn’t see it. Nor did I remember the large round structure standing right on the shoreline, a few dozen meters from the water,  opposite the fishing boats. I wonder about that, because Dor Beach was one of my parents’ favorite beaches; they used to go there every summer. “There aren’t any ancient buildings here,” said the woman who answered the intercom at the entrance to the holiday village. “You’re mistaken.”
Against forgetting: An interview with Eyal Sivan Author: Charlotte Silver
I am interested in the traces of the perpetrator, because he can testify about the system. He is the one who can explain to us how it is done
The Hidden Villages Author: Lilach Weber
Members of Lod’s Gar’in Torahni on the trail of the Palestinian “Nakba” Author: Maria Za'arur
Zochrot  conducted a tour of Lod to sites from which it’s been claimed Arabs were expelled in 1948.  Among the participants were some wearing yarmulkes, members of Lod’s Gar’in Torahni.  But they weren’t admitted to the talk in the town’s Hadash party branch
A new book: Tours of villages from ’48 – also in kibbutzim Author: Arnon Lapid
Ronen Ziv-Li from Rosh Hanikra looked for what remained around his kibbutz from before 1948 and came back with a tour route through Palestinian villages that had been abandoned and destroyed.  His route, along with 17 others – including through kibbutzim – have been gathered in a new book published by Zochrot