New exhibition: Towards return of Palestinian refugees
From: 15/09/2011 16:00 - To: 15/09/2011 19:00
Thursday 15.9.2011
19:00 Opening
20:00 Symposium

Beginning in May 2011, Issue no. 6 of Sedek has been published on the new Zochrot website. This Issue is wholly devoted to developing visionary thoughts and planning possibilities in anticipation of a return of Palestinian refugees.

On September 15, 2011 a new exhibition will open at Zochrot, seeking to shed light on the planning actions that have received attention in this Issue.

The exhibition invites the public to participate, intervene, and develop the ideas presented in it. Group workshops, symposia, and individual interventions will form a central component of the exhibition.

The symposium at the opening of the exhibition will be devoted to a discussion of the question:
Return—to which state?

A return of Palestinian refugees would inevitably necessitate the establishment of new political relations in the shared Israeli-Palestinian space. What kind of political relations would exist within this space? Would it be a nation-state or a form of shared sovereignty? And what would be the nature of the dynamic between the return of Palestinian refugees and the idea and practice of a Jewish state?
The speakers will present their views, and we will discuss various possibilities for political solutions within the shared Israeli-Palestinian space in anticipation of a return of Palestinian refugees.

The speakers:
Prof. Yehuda Shenhav // teaches in the Department of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University and Research Fellow at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Served for ten years as editor of the journal Theory and Criticism. Prof. Shenhav will present and discuss the “chronotope of return of refugees” which has been published in Sedek 6, and which is included in the exhibition.

Dr. Raif Zreik // Lecturer at "Carmel" academic center, and managing partner at "Minerva Humanities Center" Tel Aviv.

Eliaz Cohen // poet, member of Kibbutz Kfar-Etzion, co-founder of “Yerushalom.”

Umar al-Ghubari // staff member and coordinator of the Return Project at Zochrot.

Additional symposia during the course of the exhibition:
6.10.2011 // symposium 2 // Palestinian men and women talk about practical return
3.11.2011 // symposium 3 // The return of Palestinian refugees – towards a new language
1.12.2011 // symposium 4 // 13 Gaza St., Jaffa, the Bibi family house – planning return to the family house
29.12.2011 // closing night // planners respond to the exhibition

The gallery may be visited during office open hours – please call prior to arrival.
In addition, for the duration of the exhibition the gallery will be open Tuesdays 10:00 – 18:00 and Fridays 10:00 – 13:00.


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